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At mbanc, our first priority is providing funding options that meet our customers’ diverse needs. In reaching that goal, it is important that our customers understand the loan process and how they can play an active role in choosing the most appropriate funding.

Guiding the path to Homeownership

Here, we provide tools designed to help our borrowers learn the language of lending and navigate through the process of obtaining a loan. These resources will guide customers through the basics of obtaining a loan:

The list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) reflects the information our customers most commonly seek out when they first become involved in the loan process.

Can’t find the answer to your particular question in the FAQ section? Try our Ask a Loan Advisor. Unsure of your first step in qualifying for a loan, when to refinance, or whether an equity line is a good idea for you? Email your specific mortgage questions to the Loan Advisor.

Having difficulty decoding the language in your loan documents? Scan the Glossary for easy-to-understand definitions.

The link to Required Documents provides a list of the paperwork you’ll need to complete the loan process. Additional documentation may be required.

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